7 Worst Thanksgiving Puns to Enjoy this Holiday

7 Worst Thanksgiving Puns to Enjoy this Holiday

Thanksgiving is a time when we gather with friends and family, we eat great food, and we always say why we’re grateful. If you’re bored of the same old thing each year, spice it up this month with a great line-up of Thanksgiving themed puns!

  1. When talking to that one ultra-religious family member, pretend to be drunk and yell “I’m as smashed as these potatoes!”
  2. Someone trying to take something of yours? Poke them with your fork and say, “You butter not touch my food” (you can also use butternut if it happens to be on the table)
  3. When you go around the room to say what you’re thankful for, pull out a cheese grater and explain you’re very grateful1. Add a block of Parmesan to make it extra cheesy
  4. In charge of the bread supply this year? Make sure you to exclaim “I’m on a roll!” Pause for dramatic effect and slowly whisper, “Like butter.” Add finger guns for extra pun points.
  5. When seasoning your turkey, remember to throw a tantrum and scream “I don’t have thyme for this!” Don’t worry, your family will forgive you later.
  6. Before you eat make sure to annoy everyone by proclaiming “I’m going to gobble up this food!”
  7. When you’ve eaten to your heart’s content, rub the remaining bits of turkey gently and tell your family “Like this turkey, I too, am stuffed.”

Author’s Note

*1 Can we talk about how silly it is that it’s “grate”-ful and not “great”-ful? This is the whole reason I came up with this pun- the English language is so convoluted!

I hope you all enjoyed this silly list of Thanksgiving puns – I’m sure the “first” Americans would have! I hope everyone enjoys their holiday feast this year and make sure to keep an eye out for the second installment of Holiday Puns!

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