About Sam

About Sam

Sam Stocker
        Writer & Editor           ig:  @super_pajama_samz
What gets you out of bed?

If I’m honest, bills when it comes to my M-F 9-5. On the weekends though I love making breakfast for my partner and I and planning the day ahead of us.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

My stupid puns and my eyes.

What’s your least favorite thing about yourself?

My body and my need to cling to everyone in fear of losing them.

What is one stereotype you get that you would get rid of if you could?

That because I’m butch I want to be a boy. It’s stupid, there’s so much more to sexuality and gender than what you wear.

Why are you writing for Kaleidoscope?

I love writing and when I was asked to join I couldn’t say no!

What do you do?

I work customer service for an online company that creates and sells custom/unique awards. I’m also a pet mom and a partner to an amazing woman who is working on becoming an artist and entrepreneur.


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