About Rebecca

About Rebecca

Rebecca Lester    Founder, Writer & Editor       ig: @rebecca.lester  twtr: @Rebecca_LLester
What gets you out of bed?

The idea of learning something new and seeing people I love. Oh, and coffee.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

My eyes, I love having green eyes.

What’s your least favorite thing about yourself?

How emotional I am, anytime I feel strong emotions, happy, sad, angry, I cry. It’s really annoying, but my whole family is like that.

What is one stereotype you get that you would get rid of if you could?

That I’m weak because I’m small and a woman. I’m only 5’2″ and I play soccer with guys, so this is constantly an issue for me.

Why are you writing for Kaleidoscope?

Because I want to have a voice and give a voice to others. I thinks it’s important to make yourself heard.

What do you do?

Apply to jobs, babysit my niece and nephew, have crazy ideas, and annoy my boyfriend.


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