About Us

About Us

Why the name?

The word kaleidoscope literally means “observer of beautiful shapes,” but most of us probably conjure up images of a childhood toy when we hear the word.

In choosing a name for this blog we knew from the start that we wanted a name that incorporated all of us and could evolve as we did. When looking for inspiration we threw out ideas such as “friends with blogefits” and “the know it alls” but, while funny (at least to me), these names didn’t incorporate our individuality and distinct perceptions.

Finally, I went to the source of all bad ideas and asked my mom if she had any thoughts. She tossed out kaleidoscope and it stuck. A toy that filters the world into a million points of view; a lens that shows all the colors of the world; a mix of beauty and confusion. These are just a few of the things to describe us, thus we are Kaleidoscope.

And, well, if it all goes wrong I can just blame my mom.

Why the blog?

The idea started out of boredom and frustration, then it became something more. As I struggled looking for a job I wanted something to occupy my time, and I wanted to talk about issues and topics I am passionate about. It occurred to me that I could start writing again, for fun and to showcase my work. But that wasn’t enough, I wanted help, inspiration, I wanted to know what my friends were thinking, how they see the world. So I started making calls and over the course of a couple weeks the team came together: Sam, Suthe, and me, Rebecca.

Our goal is to write articles about the things that make us get out of bed in the morning, about what defines us, makes us smile, makes us cry. We hope that what we write will inspire others, help them, and give people something they want to read.

Have something to say? Want to write? Let us know. And be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter.